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Cat/kitten adoption application


Applicant’s full legal name: ____________________________________________

Applicant’s age: _____________


Applicant’s E-mail: _____________________

Applicant’s address: _______________________________________________  


City: ____________ State: _____________   Zip code: _____________

Applicant’s home number:  ____________________

Applicant’s Cell number: ______________________

Current Veterinary clinic: ______________________ 

Current Veterinary clinic Phone #: _______________


Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. (Please try to refrain from monosyllable answers).


1) Will you be able to afford the care a kitten/cat will need such as annual vaccines, monthly flea control etc.?



2) Do you have any other pets? If so, would they be ok with a kitten?



3) Are you ok with signing the adoption contract?


4) Are you ok with the rehoming fee of $400?

5) Is this kitten/cat going to be a gift? If so, has this person expressed that they want a kitten/cat? Are they on board with adding a new lifelong family member?




6)  Do you have a reliable mode of transportation is anything happened to him/her and needed a vet?



7) If you are in collage and living in a dorm or are renting your living space, can you provide proof that the landlord allows pes?



8) If there are other pets in your house, are they spayed/neutered?



9) If you have any other cats in your household, do any of them have FelV or Fiv?


10)  Will this kitten/cat be an indoor or outdoor pet?


11) Do you plan on de-clawing?) 



12) If you are getting a kitten under the age of 8 months, what are your work hours? Is your kitten going to be alone in the house for more than 4 hours in a day?

Thank you for your patience with the questions. We want the best for our little darlings as our rescue loves them all. 

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